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Rethink GmbH – T-Systems – Serious Play

Visualization of complex IT processes

To introduce a new SAP system for logistics processes, RETHINK was commissioned by T-Systems to build a model. This should simply visualize the digital process with Lego and at the same time act as an eye-catcher at the SAP Now trade fair.


T-Systems became aware of us through the Lego Serious Play offer . An exciting project, albeit a very challenging one, as it goes far beyond the typical application of serious play (visualizing ideas, developing strategy / vision or controlling team processes).


We are deeply immersed in the professional Lego model building scene and have obtained the right materials to turn a rough idea into a perfectly functioning 3-D model with mechanical and electrical elements. This could be easily operated by the stand employees at the fair, worked outstandingly as an eye-catcher and point of attraction for the fair stand and presented a complex digital process in an appealing and accessible way with the simplest means.


T-Systems - IT services



several weeks of commissioned work



Visualization of complex digital processes on an analog model, eyecatcher for trade fair presence


RETHINK serious play experts



  • Video of the working model

Rethink GmbH – T-Systems – Serious Play
Rethink GmbH – T-Systems – Serious Play
Rethink GmbH – T-Systems – Serious Play
Rethink GmbH – T-Systems – Serious Play
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