Sketchman Run: From the cross-silo idea to the product in record time

This wonderful project shows that good ideas in companies can be implemented quickly and agilely with the appropriate methods. The idea of ​​turning the award-winning Mobiliar advertisement into an entertaining mobile game à la Super Mario came from two employees from Mobiliar's IT department. You immediately realized a first simple prototype. The idea was taken up to create positive digital touchpoints.


Instead of going from application to application, Mobiliar commissioned Rethink to organize a design sprint in October 2018. So the idea generators, as well as all the important people in charge of strategic communication and those responsible for the advertising campaigns came together and developed further prototypes together and tested them with customers.

Rethink took on an exceptional graphic designer as well as the conception and moderation of the sprint, invited experts and contributed input. In addition, Rethink has created detailed documentation as a basis for decision-making for the board.


In this way, the most important elements, the interactions and the strategic goals could be worked out together. Since everyone had a shared idea, a lot of passion for the project and tested prototypes, the game developers from sunnyside games could be briefed and after 7 months the tested game was launched in the App Store and Google Play.




Strategic communication - the Mobiliar



Customized Design Sprint - App Development



Realization of an idea developed in the company with all important internal stakeholders. Development of joint prototypes and tests with customers. Develop a precise briefing for implementation.


Idea generator and all decision-makers, UX designers and sprint host Rethink involved in the campaign



  • Download Sketchman Run from the App Store


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Rethink GmbH – die Mobiliar – Sketchmen Run
Rethink GmbH – die Mobiliar – Sketchmen Run – Agile Methoden Schweiz
Rethink GmbH – die Mobiliar – Sketchmen Run – Design Thinking
Rethink GmbH – die Mobiliar – Sketchmen Run – Design Thinking
Rethink GmbH – die Mobiliar – Sketchmen Run – Innovation Schweiz

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